Friday, November 19, 2010

Simple logic and Thinking involved with Hide and Seek Games

The following is a simple comparison between the traditional
Hide and Seek game and the New Where’s Bugger game.

The Hide and Seek Game

Hide and Seek Host: 
·Host must constantly think about where the players are hidden.

Hide and Seek Players:
·Players can think and visualize the best hiding location.
·Players can decide whether or not you should hide where someone was hiding last game.
·Players sit still and be quiet.

The Where’s Bugger Game

Where’s Bugger Host:
·You think and visualize the best hiding location for the game piece.
·You decide whether or not you should hide game piece where someone was hiding it last    round (most kids will not return to that location for more than two rounds).
·You think about and visualize the final outcome. I.e. is there going to be a collision?
·You think about if the players going to be looking for it in an obvious area?
·You think about who is the fastest runner?
·You decide where you should start the game (at group or somewhere else?). I.e. you start the game in a different location from where you hid it. Most players will run towards the direction you are! They just do, it’s mental.

Where's Bugger Players:
·Players must constantly think about where game piece is hidden. I.e.: same area or a different location.
·Players must use their hearing senses to locate, then run and capture game piece first.
·During the entire game players are using their vision and hearing senses extensively.

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